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Making an impact in the lives of women is at the heart of everything we do.


$1000 GRANTS

250+ WOMEN





Women of Influence was founded in 2021 by Wendy Anger under the banner of Life of Faith Church. It is a volunteer-managed program with a focus on women-centric enterprises and serving others. The aim of Women of Influence is to be a beacon of hope, influence, and support for women in business in the Birmingham Community and surrounding areas. 

Each year, Women of Influence hosts a one-day conference in the Birmingham area. Since its inception, the Women of Influence Annual Business Summit has reached more than 250 attendees and provided a $1000 scholarship each year to a female college student, to further their business education. During the Summit, women learn skills to better help manage their life, learn skills to maintain a healthy physical body, and learn skills to build a meaningful support system. This is accomplished through rich connections, a wealth of resources, and educational workshops.


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As women, we face the challenge of wanting to give every part of ourselves to what is important to us – our families, work, community – but too often we lose strength before we have made an impact in any of it. But I believe that every aspect of a woman’s life can be strengthened, honed, sharpened, and knit together, creating a dynamic individual who can make a radical change in their sphere of influence. It was this ambitious prospect that led me to create the Women of Influence Business Summit.

Wendy Anger, Executive Director

Every woman entrepreneur starts the journey with a dream. To innovate, enhance, re imagine and be impactful. To be their own boss and leader. To enjoy a more flexible lifestyle. To leave a legacy for the next generation. To lead a more meaningful life. To give back to the community. To change the world in positive ways. Whatever the dream, we are here to champion them forward!

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