Craig Creations 

James Craig

Hand crafted wall plaques 11x7 mounted behind clear plexiglass onto a 14x19 artistic finish background. This will be a unique gift., Great for family, graduation, birthdays and much more


Reliv International

Michelle Carrier

Helping people to improve health with nutritional supplements that promote optimal nutrition.

Mary Kay

Angela Lockett 

America's #1 Skin care products, with a personal consultant. Products include skin care, body care, perfumes, cologne for men, women and children.

Hack the Market

Clifton Hall

Hack the Markets is an investment and educational company dedicated to teaching people how to be financially independent. The company specializes in the skill of financial market trading and money management and seeks to turn individuals into self-sustaining, profitable traders. Whether you are brand new to financial markets with no experience, or you have experience but need a helping hand to guide you to better profits, we have something for everyone. Experience how we build profitable traders.

The Prosperous Life

Sherissa Miller


A company that helps us to prosper on this journey of health and happiness! It is done by being good stewards of the temple that God has given us. Thriving Spirit, Soul and Body.

Linda Prince

Unique Handmade Blue Jean Purses & More


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